perfectladyIn Russia wedding is a big event as anywhere in the world. Bride and groom are elegantly dress and receive admiration for everyone…

However, how to understand when is the most appropriate time to ask for her hand? This depends on many things, but the most important are just few.

You need to be sure she loves you, by feeling her. One can always distinguish between someone pretending his/her feelings and who truly loves and cares. Little gestures of love are much more oratorical than big promises and loud words. If she is calling you from time to time; shares her feelings and emotions with you, needs you to share her small victories and failures of every day life, be sure she feels close enough to you and she believes in you. If your lady trusts you, it is a great achievement and she is ready for the next step in relationship.

You need to be sure you have common interests, plans, goals and aspirations for love. Family life doesn’t exclude your previous life style partially and it will be difficult to focus on someone, who is completely different. Both of partners need to understand that wedding is not a beautiful ceremony, but also responsibility to share problems, household and later children.

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Make sure you two are on the same wavelength. Most of Russian women like children and would like to have babies right away after the wedding. It is in their veins and the pressure from her family will also be a great addition to this fact. Older generations in Russia think that if there are no children after the marriage then there is something wrong with a couple. So, you need to bear this in mind.

Before wedding a groom will meet his Russian bride family and get their blessing. The old tradition of total obey to the parents is in the past and parents respect their daughters feelings and desires.

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