Tips for dating Russian womenIt is a widespread knowledge that there are numerous aspects to happiness and success in life for every human being. The truth is, in the whole scheme of things you can never say a person is successful if there are areas of his life where a void exists that needs to be fulfilled. For some it’s a career, for others it’s interpersonal communication and relations. But the area that stings and hurts people the most is their loneliness and the inability to find their better half and create a valid family.

When it comes to Russian women, this key interest overlaps with the desire of western men to build a strong social unit. It’s one of many reasons why Russian women are internationally popular and recognized. But that alone does not mean that Russian woman is guaranteed to marry a guy just because he wants a family. On the contrary, just like any other woman, Russians need to be conquered and impressed.

How to get it done? There are a number of tips for winning over a Russian girl that we will gladly share with you below:

    1. Maintain the right balance. Men often behave very reservedly during the first date, and for a reason. They want to stay neutral for a while to see the girl reaction and reception and at the same time to not give away too much. The idea is to keep the right balance between positioning yourself too estranged and acting too much like Mr. Nice Guy. Just keep your cool and watch more than act. Let the girl determine the comfortable rhythm herself.
    2. Speak and behave clearly. Be apprehensible and, to a degree, predictable for her. Russian girls like themselves a good old fashioned direct self-confident man. No walking like a cat round hot milk. Don’t hide your feelings or thoughts from Russian girl. It will be more useful than keeping words unsaid and thinking up.
    3. Your past remains your past. Refrain from discussing your ex-girlfriends. Don’t even mention them. If need be, the girl will bring up this issue herself when she’s comfortable. Don’t you ever forget who you’re doing that thing for. Don’t get stuck in the past that was, focus on the future that you want and that may still be.

7 Tips How to Impress a Russian Woman

  1. Don’t fall into the trap of your own grandeur. Stay away from behaving with aplomb. Overconfidence is your worst enemy in case of dating a Russian girl. Don’t take her for granted and think that she’s some kind of simpleton who needs not any effort from you to be impressed. The situation is exactly the opposite. In order to convince her you will have to try so hard that you’ll probably tear yourself a new one. So stop that opportunistic way of thinking. Instead, knock her pins off by some impressive feat. Prior to the date, send her a love letter of some kind this one here is a great a Russian girl
  2. Don’t act too picky and strange. Keep composed and restrain yourself. Don’t break the pattern too much just yet. No need to spook a girl during the first date and no need for her to know of your little quirks.
  3. Don’t push her too hard. Unlike women from other countries, Russian women are not crazy about being independent but still have the need for at least a bit of that. Don’t oppress her or push her or impose your opinion. Entrust her with determining the level of freedom herself and you will see how it plays out in your favor.
  4. Be a man. That’s it. Simple, really. Being the man she expects you to be would be a final nail in her coffin. It will blow her out of the water and leave her no chances to reject you. The key is to be very very observant and attentive during the date to notice all the little hints he gives you inadvertently in that regard.
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