RussianwifesFuture husband and Russian wife should discuss everything from the beginning of their relationship from small details of their future living together, to things of major importance, such as whether they will have children in the future or not, if yes than how many, what would be the contribution of each spouse into the family budget, what are the things they should waste money on, where they will live, how they will spend their vacation, how they will decorate their house, what temperature do they want to have in the house, what will they do if one of them is smocking, and likes smocking in the house, and the other person is against that. People who were never married might find this issue a funny one, but the truth is that all the marriages or relationships usually start from having a great mutual feeling of love and passion, and being in this in love condition usually helps avoiding disputes about things that in regular life are very irritating, but as soon as love and passion become not that strong, those matters from being small and insignificant ones, arise into a huge problem, that might even end up with divorce.

It is a very important issue to ask how ready he is to follow the needs of his partner in the marriage life and to look for the reasonable compromises in the case if they have different views about life- so it means seeing how ready he is to the building of their life together.

Of course discussing the matters about common life, and all the problems that might sooner or later arise is very important as well, and in this case there is no difference whether the marriage is between a Russian bride and Russian groom, or it is between a Russian bride and a foreigner, the nationality doesn’t really matter when it comes to problems while sharing common living, though eventually it is easier to solve them in your country, than somewhere abroad, in your own country you always have people around who can give you some good advice, or who can support you in a bad period of your life, abroad you have to deal with everything on your own.bridefromukraine

In a international marriage you don’t have the right to do a mistake, as if you are getting married with a foreigner, you need to change your life completely, to leave your job, relatives, friends, and everything that is so important to you and start building your life from the beginning brick by brick. The other difficulty that you meet is the fact that you have to built your career right from the beginning, and the bigger person you were in your country before you left, the harder it will be for you to adjust to the new country and space. That is not a very easy decision to make that is why, it is important to think very carefully about it, in order not to make any mistakes, it is important to learn as many things as you can about the person with who you intend to live.

There should be no difference in asking the questions through the letter or during a personal meeting, the most important thing is to ask all the things that make you worry, of how life will be with the person, it doesn’t matter the geography, what really matters is the attitude of the person you are with towards you, eventually we all dream about being loved and pampered, but a good thing to know is that besides being loved, we should also learn how to love and spread our warmth and support upon the person who is important to us.

In life as well as marriage one rule should be always followed, we always get the things that we give, so if we give bad emotions and attitude to the person who is near us, than this is exactly what we will get from that person, as this is how life works.


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