You have already met Russian lady and your relationship has developed seriously enough to meet her in her country. Well, congratulations! However, when you are still in your country, don’t forget about buying gifts for your Russian bride and her family. Gifts should be from your country since you are a visitor and your bride would expect the gifts from there.

Don’t think Russians are materialistic, they are a rather giving nation, giving presents is just a tradition, especially when you visit someone. Make sure you have presents for every member of the family not to offend anyone.

If there is a child in her family, no matter it is hers or not, bring toys, candies or clothes. Bringing a present to a child is very important.

Russian women spend much time to look their best, so bringing a high quality perfume, make up stuff, lotion, etc. would be very nice. Just don’t bring anti-wrinkle stuff as this can be misinterpreted. Jewelry also works very well. However, when choosing the gifts for the whole family, don’t buy things in bulk, be creative and inventive, showing you have thought about every member of the family separately, even if you didn’t; bring different things for everyone.

If you know the size of your Russian bride, you can choose a nice dress for her, just don’t go for a cheap product, as Russian women treasure quality and like to look stylish, Wall Mart stuff will most likely not work for a Russian bride.

Think of the special gift for the men in the family: find out if they like some sports, fishing, etc. or you can buy any alcohol in duty free for your bride’s father. Not necessarily vodka. 😉

When you visit her family, bring fresh flowers for all the female part of it, not forgetting your bride. Don’t give even number of flowers as it is for funerals and graves. The best color of flowers for your Russian lady is red as it symbolizes love and all the rest of colors, except yellow work great for the rest of female members of the family.

Be ready to have hands full of presents from them! 😉

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