What makes Russian brides so special? This is a very frequently asked question by the men, who are new to the virtual world of Russian on-line dating. The man, who were lucky to visit the CIS-countries already know the answer.

The first thing that makes Russian brides so popular is their ‘conventional’ values. This makes them just perfect for marriage. A little bit of clarification should be done here. Yes, Russian women are ready to settle down and have family with kids. They strive to become a great wife and loving and caring mother of your common children. Some Russian women would also like to work, but they perfectly manage with both work and home errands.

Russian culture teaches Russian girls since their early age that the complete female fulfillment can be achieved in a family with kids. So, Russian girls learn the skills of being a great wife and mother from their mothers since their childhood.

The great number of women from CIS countries, known as Russian brides on the web, has a college degree, or is studying to get one. Some of them have 2 or even 3 degrees and more. Having an intelligent life-companion is a very appealing motive, agree!
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As a rule, Russian ladies pride on their appearance, but do not stuck up. Russian women will always dress nicely, wear make up and in general have appealing appearance. This way they are taught to attract male attention, well, again a very traditional approach.

A great number of Russian women walk a lot or visit gym or do shaping as they always want to stay in shape and be healthy. It is a rare thing among the American women, right? 😉 At the same time, a Russian bride will always take care of you and never let you out in a wrinkled shirt, unpolished shoes or messy hair, etc. This is just their culture, this is in their blood! Many Western men just like this!

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