There are a lot of questions that bother Russian women when they only start their correspondence with men. First of all it is the fact that when placing a profile on a dating agency they need to provide the personal information such as address and telephone, eventually it is scary to provide this details to the person you barely know. Well, there is nothing to worry about while giving this information, because all the marital agencies need that in order to be sure that you are a real person, and not a scam. So eventually if you will ask them not to provide this information to any man who will ask without your personal accept to do so. There is nothing wrong in that. Besides, if a man you correspond with will actually decide to meet you in person, than eventually he will ask for your address, as well as people who are not very interested in you, would not ask about it. At the beginning i didn’t wanted to do as well, but when i did that, gave my address to a totally stranger (now he is my husband) he started drowning me with parcels.

The other problem that worries women a lot is the choice they need to make between honesty and being cautious. Alena, thirty years old wrote: “I am almost thirty one years old, and i dream about finding my other half, but the problem is that i dance in a show group, so when i was filling my profile I took a glance on the profession section, and decided not to write anything about it as I didn’t know how to answer it, because if i will lie this lie sooner or later will come out, and if I will write the truth, that might bring my chances to zero, as i heard that men are afraid of girls with this kind of profession. They think that all the dancers are women who are easy to get, but that is not true, in my group all of the girls are very nice, that is why here is my question, what should i do lie, or write the truth.


Well that is a very difficult question, in my point of view there is nothing wrong in the profession of dancer, if you like dancing than probably you will do it even after the marriage, and eventually you will need a man who will respect your choice and will support it. Ans it means that this word should not scare him, of course that might bring you to another problem, than some other people would start writing to you, men who are doubting, and who might get some bad suspicions about the profession, and hopefully you will, not get upset and will always be able to give them the answer that they deserve. In the case if you think that your current profession is temporary and after getting married you plan to do something else, than possibly in the profession lane you need to write something else, like for example you have another profession or diploma, because you obviously had another job before, or you were studying to become someone. I believe that one person might always have a few professions. So the current profession you might list as the second additional one, or to list only one profession that you consider main for yourself, and all the rest you might write during correspondence.

There is a lane usually in the profile that is occupation, which is the places where you can list the things you are currently engaged in. I think that if you will be honestly replying the questions, than your chosen one will certainly appreciate that, and in order he won’t concentrate on your profession only you need to make a really good picture that would show you as a personality in the first place, because surely your personality describes you much more than the work you are doing. Good luck in finding your one and only sometime soon.

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