ukrainepersonalsWell first of all, if saying it in two words, which would be attention to their person and love. You need to be opened; honest, caring and attentive in the letters in order to capture the attention of the man. The majority of men would rather choose a caring but not that much attractive woman, instead of a very young and attractive woman, and there are a lot of examples in the history that can prove that.

It is very important for the man to feel love from his woman, same love as he is willing to give her, as there is no person in the world whom would wish relationship that will look like road with moving into one and single direction. If a man loves the woman he will do anything for her, and eventually before doing that he would like to make sure, that she really needs him, and is not playing games with him at all. The need to be loved- is one of the most unsatisfied needs for each person, regardless of the age or gender, though men need it more than women usually.

One of the women I know very well was supposed to meet with a foreigner, whom she was corresponding with for a very long time, so she was asking for an advice of what to do, and what not to, what food to give him, and so on. For some moment i didn’t know what to do, so i asked for an advice from my husband, and his answer has amazed me with its simplicity. He told me that she is not supposed to do anything special in order yo amaze him, she should simply take care of him, to try to be up to compromises, and to feed him with tasty food, as the road to man’s heart is laid through its stomach, so she can even ask him herself about the food that he likes to it. Also he said that it is important that the woman would sleep with him, of course not after the first date, but still sex is very important for each man, for each man sex means that woman thinks he is special and is worthy of such honor to be with her. That was all the advice, now how simple that can ever be?!

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Maybe everything that is genius is easy? Women should not pretend and be their selves, and to allow the man by their side to be himself as well. It is important for both genders to learn not being afraid of each other.

And it is important to know that if the man didn’t reply your letter than it is quite possible that this letter simply got lost somewhere, and there will be no harm if writing another one. Or it is even better to make a phone call and ask if everything is ok with him. It is good also to send a letter by mail. As this man should see and feel that he is so special. It is important to take an active participation in your man’s life, as this is the only way how he will understand that he is so important to you, ask advices from your man, and give advices to him, this way the relationship will start blooming, and you will not even notice how did it happen and you became the happiest woman on the Earth.

Intuition is the feature of character that women possess on the highest possible level, that is why they tend to see and know how some of the things will evolve in the future, and this is exactly the quality that makes them so important to their men, the ability to see some bad things in the future helps preventing those things, and as a result to keep a happy and healthy family. A strong relationship and family are always based on the ability of two people being able to hear each other, and make things for the sake of each other. Sometimes it is hard, and it is an obvious thing, as there are two different people with two different characters, but if treating each other will love and respect, harmony in the family really is possible.

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