Mail order brides and mail order Russian brides are considered negative terms. This notion is loaded with the stereotype of poor Russian women, who satisfy foreign men’s sexual and emotional needs to get their money or obtain a green card to the USA or citizenship of any other developed country with a better life style than Russia can offer. Many exposed scams also enforce the negativity to the ‘mail order Russian brides’ notion.

The reality is that there is a lot of negative things and stereotyping done about Russian brides looking for their future spouses abroad. However, not all the sites are fakes and not all Russian women are looking for your money or a comfortable life style. There are many real Russian ladies with real friends, families, lives, careers, dreams, aspirations, etc. They take chance on you, wishing to meet a real friend, partner, lover and become a wife of a genuine man. Many successful stories published on-line or heard from your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers are the best witnesses that international marriages work and prove to be very successful.

Why then such beautiful Russian women are looking for their husbands abroad? The most spread reason is lack of men. According to statistics, there are 12 million more Russian women than Russian men. Besides this, many Russian women find a great part of Russian men unstable, unreliable and unmotivated. Russian women strive to give their future children a descent future and live their lives with all the benefits they lacked in their childhood. This desire is very natural, isn’t it?
You will most likely agree that these women don’t fit the stereotype of ‘mail order Russian brides’; they look to devote themselves to family life as well as many American and European men do. As the result Russian women and foreign men make up a perfect match!


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