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kharkovwomenKnowing the weaknesses of the women can help greatly in winning her heart over, however, one should remember to never play on them as this can result in quiet an opposite effect from what you are awaiting. Every woman despite her nationality is an individual, but there are some common weaknesses you can use when dating Kharkov women.



Not only Slavic women, but they especially, like to treat themselves with chocolates, candies, cakes, ice cream, marmalade and any sweets of the kind. So, when meeting your lady for the first time it is a great idea to bring her a box of chocolates, or other sweets and maybe she would even share some with you in an intimate atmosphere, who knows? )



Big and small, fluffy and not very, all of the toys bring joy to a Slavic woman’s heart. This can be a very small token of attention, like a little animal on the key chain or cell phone case, with or without romantic card will cause the smile on the face of the one you care about.


Phone Conversations

Slavic women can chat on the phone about anything for hours and this is not figuratively speaking. We really mean it – for hours! This is because these women are very sociable and they like attention and discussing events of their lives with special ones. They would just enjoy hearing the sound of your voice, despite the topic of conversation and you need to be aware of this fact not to finish the conversation abruptly.




All women from the former Soviet Union area love receiving flowers for special occasions and just because you want to show them you care about them. You need to know what your lady’s favorite flowers are and if she has any flower allergy. Red roses are considered classy and work perfectly well in any situation. Make sure you know to give only odd number of flowers as even number is brought to tombs and funerals only in Slavic culture.




Women are, as a rule, more curious than men. If you have her interest she would be curios to learn more about you, your life, background, studies, work, preferences, your thoughts about her, etc. She can also find interesting your previous relationship stories and learn more about your parents and friends.





There is a popular proverb that says men love with eyes and women with ears and this is so true about Slavic women; they love receiving compliments and when you notice her new look, item of clothing, bag, etc.

Reasons to Date a Successful Woman


You will hardly run into a woman that doesn’t like shopping and she likes it with her special one, so, you will need to like it too or at least be patient with her for this. Women like showing new outfits to their men and expect compliments back, so be ready for it. You will also have a chance to show your generosity to win her heart over.

Man’s attention

When dating Kharkov women make sure you provide enough care and attention as these women want to feel they are loved, take care of and are your number one priority. If you treat them like a queen, you will become her king.

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