How to get laid on Tinder as a girl – Best secrets on being a sexy thing

One could think all hot girls on Tinder are equally popular and desired? But it takes certain efforts to attract that much attention. A sexy photo is definitely important, but what is sexy in modern terms?

  • Don’t be mainstream. Only girls themselves consider hot the duck lips and stamped Instagram brows. It helps to be beautiful in a classical and natural way as well.
  • Care about the quality. It barely makes sense to order a photo shoot in the studio just for placing on Tinder, but at least take your selfies with a good quality phone.
  • Look as young as you can. Sexy Asian women wait you on local hookups. do the right thing pretending to be young girls at any age. Unless you’re a cougar, have a natural makeup and dress playfully.
  • No vulgar poses. Although everyone is seeking hookups on Tinder, it’s out of style to look vulgar. A girl is appreciated when there’s smth classy about her, even on this app.
  • Mind your face expression. Reportedly, guys are not choosing the girls with either predatory or too naughty face expression. They might suspect them to be paid escorts.