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The common for the “catalogue brides” features or qualities that are attracting men are: the great meaning of family in the woman’s life, and the great patience. Those are exactly the features that make Russian women look differ from the western ones. And as a result men are always staying as men that is why in the first place they are noticing the physical appearance, though the true reason of their attention towards the Russian ladies- are their spiritual qualities.

Russian ladies are of course the leaders of the market of “ordered brides” first of all they are of the European race. The next and not less important quality is that the majority of them have some good education, which on the west is cherished much more than in Russia. It is a real plus for them if their wife has master degree like for example in philosophy, the fact which in Russia is taken almost as a minus.

Having the highest education is a fact that deserves the highest possible respect regardless of the field of knowledge. All of the foreign men who took part in a questionnaire mentioned that Russian people are very intelligent and smart. That is why there are a few things that are supposed to be taken into consideration while describing you.

On one clear list of paper you should write the qualities that according to your opinion you posses, you need to write all of them, including the negative ones, such as selfishness and stubbornness. Also you need to list all of your interests, hobbies and other things that you especially like. You need not to think out of some nonexistent qualities and interests. Honesty and sincerity while describing you will help avoiding problems in the future, do not forget that in one wonderful day in the future you will eventually meet the person that is meant for you. What will you do if he will discover that you are not able to ski as you were mentioning before in the letters? He will decide that everything else that you have written doesn’t worth his trust as well. If you like simply lie on the sofa for hours while looking on the top wall than this is exactly that you need to write in the latter, as this is the quality that is describing you best of all.

Look into this list and decide which of the following qualities are up to the image of the “Russian bride”. Of course you will be able to find a few dozens of qualities in your list, and that will mean that you were really trying hard and you will not have to get back to the beginning of your list. You need to write all of the “corresponding to the image” qualities into another list.

Now think which of your qualities and interests are matching more precisely your individuality. And it is not a must to have some of those “corresponding” qualities.sexrealwomen

Usually ladies are describing themselves according to the same type of look, like: kind, honest, sincere, with such interests as travelling, reading, music, and love to cook and make the house looking cozy, loving animals and etc. All of those things of course are right and very good but they are too similar and impersonal that makes the majority of people yawning while reading them. While trying hard to be up to the image of a “typical Russian lady” you are losing your individuality that is not making you interesting or different from anybody else.

According to the result of various questionnaires, the biggest interest between men is being arose by the women who are smart and developed intellectually, and who are up to some deep feelings and in a marriage looking for a equal partnership and not dependence. Such women on the west are equal to gold while the competition for their attention is very high.

Do not try to look as somebody else; the best thing is to be you. Each person is interesting the way it is. So if you are trying to find the person that is mostly matching to you than you need to be yourself in the first place. Describe yourself instead of describing some imaginary “ideal”.

It is a must to mention if you have some kind of unusual hobby, or are playing on some specific musical instrument. Like for example one lady have mentioned in her letter that she likes race cars, while people in the agency have translated her letter with a mistake which was resulting that the lady likes racing cars. A variety of men were interested and intrigues with this phrase and were asking in their letters about this hobby as it was something special.

The common principle of listing the information about yourself is what you are able to give, and what are men looking for. Your specific individual qualities are also aimed to bring something special to your general image. Think that some of your qualities will be more interesting to the man of your dreams. You are also able to have some understanding about the things that men are looking for in a relationship while looking upon all of the men advertisings in the men catalogue. Use the principle that “similar things are tend towards each other” this way of you posses some of the qualities that you would like to find in your partner than don’t forget to write and underline them in your list.

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