When you look for love, romance and serious relationship among Russian brides (the ladies of FSU countries), there are some tips and advices that are better be considered, to make your Russian dating experience successful and effective.

Profile and your Photograph

Despite the famous saying “never judge the book by its cover”, the first thing that Russian ladies will pay attention to you is your photo. Although the appearance of the man is not as crucial as his inner world, the first impression plays a great role. So, make sure you post a clear, well-lit picture where your face is seen well. No sunglasses are welcomed in your profile pictures. Look for a picture where you smile genuinely, this will attract more Russian brides to your profile.

Your Choice
Always keep in mind that Russian brides are all different and have their unique characters and preferences. So, decide for yourself what sort of woman you need, what personal characteristics are important for you and what things you will never tolerate. This will help you immensely in your further search.
Your Safety
Never post your personal information publicly. Thus, you risk becoming a victim of on-line fraud and scamming or spamming attacks. Guard your personal data!
The best way to contact a Russian bride first is writing her a letter, though today interactive facilities allow many other ways of communication. For more tips on writing letters to Russian brides look on the web.
Be a Gentleman
If you found the lady you really like and she doesn’t reply, never harass her. You better try your charm and attention on other ladies. Browse immense photo galleries and you will find the one for you.
Be yourself!
This is the key to success when dating with Russian brides on-line or in real life. Staying honest you stay away from troubles in future and avoid attracting the wrong women. Honesty is the best policy!

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