Meet Slavic girls at in 2017

Meet Slavic girlsLove is the great gift of the life. It cannot be defined by the color of the skin, the nationality, language or age. What could be better than real love between two people? Everyone knows that to build family is one of the main tasks in the life. A lot of foreign men try to find wonderful woman in order to live happy life with her. If you really want to meet love for all your love, you should make some efforts. First of all you should get rid of all your doubts and fears and start acting. (more…)

How to find a wife from Russia

single Russian womenRecently the popularity of Russian women in Western countries has reached crazy popularity. And there are plenty of different reasons for such activities. Russian women are all family-oriented and good mothers for their future children. Russian culture, which can be specific to American society, pays attention to growing up strong family values that woman will bring with and spread on her own family. (more…)

Top five reasons to date Ukraine women

five-reasons-to-date-ukraine-womenIn the beginning of 21 century, the era of instant communication and distances shortened by newest technologies, some issues of personal life still occupy the minds of people, the same like many decades ago. They spend much of their time trying to find that partner who will match them hoping to create long lasting relationship and happy family together. (more…)

Russian women know their place

Mother celebrating first birthday of her baby

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Mike Jones, thirty four years old, professional soccer player, Brooklyn, New York.

I have dated a Russian woman, and i rate this experience as a very positive one. She was a kind and nice girl who was also very intelligent and pretty. Some time it was very good, but for some reason, and I am very sorry about it, it didn’t work out. I don’t know if there are some stereotypes about Russian women in the eyes of American people, and if there are things they differ from the representatives of other countries. (more…)

Russian bride, and her worries


There are a lot of questions that bother Russian women when they only start their correspondence with men. First of all it is the fact that when placing a profile on a dating agency they need to provide the personal information such as address and telephone, eventually it is scary to provide this details to the person you barely know. Well, there is nothing to worry about while giving this information, because all the marital agencies need that in order to be sure that you are a real person, and not a scam. (more…)

Russian wife and American husband.

RussianwifesFuture husband and Russian wife should discuss everything from the beginning of their relationship from small details of their future living together, to things of major importance, such as whether they will have children in the future or not, if yes than how many, what would be the contribution of each spouse into the family budget, what are the things they should waste money on, where they will live, how they will spend their vacation, how they will decorate their house, what temperature do they want to have in the house, what will they do if one of them is smocking, and likes smocking in the house, and the other person is against that. (more…)